This is the official blog of my Study Abroad Trip to Australia and New Zealand. I'll be leaving December 26th and returning home February 2nd.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 17: "I think they just make us walk around all day so that we'll be too tired to go out at night." -Will Guthrie

Greetings from Melbourne! I know I say this every time, but I think I'm already starting to like this city even more than the ones I've been to so far. The first piece of evidence being that it was at least 15 degrees cooler as soon as we stepped off the plane. Awesome. I've been tired of sweating all day everyday and this has been a breath of fresh air (pun intended). Most people say that Melbourne is known for having 4 seasons of weather in a single day. That happened within the first 6 hours of me being here. It was cold and rainy (winter) when I got off the plane, it was sunny with a light breeze around lunch (spring), then extremely hot during the afternoon (summer), and fairly chilly with a breeze this evening (fall). Crazy. We did a lot of exploring today and picked up our tickets for the Australian Open on Monday! We walked around the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens, which was really pretty, and it seems to be a regular event when traveling to a new city. We ate a delicious dinner at Jeremy's Cafe on Hardware Lane and enjoyed a couple happy hour cocktails which was a lot of fun. A couple people forced down some Classic Martinis, purely for laughs and bucket list purposes, and I had a Mojito and a Long Island Iced Tea. Great drinks and great stories. Gotta head to bed early because we have a early morning tomorrow to head out to the world famous 12 Apostles Mountain Range. Hope you enjoy the photos. War Eagle!
Funky building at Federation Square

Eiffel Tower wanna-be
Outdoor Concert Ampitheater

Beautiful Tree at the Botanical Gardens


  1. Sounds like you're in the happening place. How was the LIT?

  2. It was pretty good! A little too much tequila for my taste.