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Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 7: "Zoos make me want to go hunting." -Jason Kay

G'Day! Today was a little bit milder day but still was a lot of fun. We headed down to the harbour, hopped a ferry, and floated out to Sydney's world famous Taronga Zoo. It was crazy, I felt like I was living in Planet Earth, which I have seen way too many times. There was a marathon over Christmas Break, and I kept finding myself glued to the couch watching it because they kept making references to Australia with all the cool animals. My personal favorite was the Australian Walkabout. It was a caged exhibit where you walk down a path and next thing you know, sitting right next to me was a mob (technical term according to Wikipedia) of kangaroos. It was really cool. I had so much fun and took way too many pictures. We got a ride back to the ferry on Sky Safari, a high-rise cable cart that showed us the zoo from above and some amazing views of the city in the distance. I posted a few photos from our trip this morning below. Well, since we're headed to Brisbane tomorrow, I need to start packing before we head out to Bar Broadway for the evening! I'll let you know how it goes! War Eagle!

Tree Kangaroo

Giraffe with a great view of the Sydney Harbour

Just a couple 'roos

Get a job you bum.

Should be a postcard

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