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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 8: How about a change of scenery?

Panoramic baby.
Greetings from Brisbane, another popular city in Australia about 935 km from Sydney and only a hour and 15 minute plane ride. Check out Brisbane on Wikipedia for a little background information. The Wi-Fi in our apartment is trying scam us into paying a $75 charge for a week of internet, um no thanks. So I decided to roll over to the near McDonalds, or "Macca's" as the locals called it when I asked around. The airports were fairly painless, apart from a little issue of the airline requiring everyone in our group to check their luggage even if it met the apparently worthless JetStar baggage requirements, like my backpack. After the airline happily taking $40 off our hands, we hopped in a few taxis and made our way to the apartments we are staying at for the next few days in a section of Brisbane with the coolest name I have ever lived in, Woolloongabba. Awesome right?

Placed here for spell-check and credibility purposes  
Our new "home" for the week is infinitely better than last week's in Sydney. We had air conditioning, no onslaught of mosquitoes eating you during the night, and our own bathrooms! Don't get me wrong, Wesley College was a lot of fun, just wasn't the nicest of facilities. After getting settled in and grabbing a bite and relishing my first Thai food experience, we met up with the professors and walked down to the park next to the Brisbane River. It was amazing. Green everywhere, plenty of seats, the perfect amount of shade available, a manmade beach and swimming pool "ocean," and a giant ferris wheel that gave its riders a 360 degree view of the beautiful city of Brisbane. We got off early, so a group of us decided to grab some fresh food, a little wine, and head up to the rooftop pool with a grill at our apartment complex and had a fun, relaxing evening. Everybody bought a filet of Barramundi (famous Australian fish) or some Brats and bought a side item from the grocery. To say it was a great inexpensive dinner would be an understatement. I grilled a filet of Barramundi with lime and garlic, grilled asparagus, threw together a side salad, grilled garlic French bread, Reel whipped up a little Paula Deen Mac and Cheese, and a bacon wrapped BBQ chicken "kebab."Well, now that I'm full and satisfied I think I'm going to call it an early night. I have a feeling I'm going to like enjoy Brisbane even more than Sydney, I'm so excited. War Eagle!
Hanging out at the a park.
Brisbane Ferris Wheel, nicknamed "The Ekka"
View from the top of "The Ekka"
This mural cracks me up. Shows you where Aussies priorities lie.

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