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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 14: In the Land of Oz.

Another quick one for today. We went to Fluor Construction today and had one of their head project coordinators and their environmental managers speak to us, who gave us a very thorough and interesting presentation on what they do, their current projects, and encouraged us to apply and come work for them. Fluor posed a very convincing case on why we should stay in Australia and work for them, but I think I'm content with staying in the good ole US of A, even though living here would be amazing and they could pay me on average double what I would be making back home. Tempting, but with the unreal inflated prices here, I think the cost of living would be about the same. I think tomorrow we're going to put our tourist pants back on and head out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which will be cool because we will get to hold and have our picture taken with a Koala. I wonder if there has ever been a documented case of a Koala attack. It seems like every other living thing can kill you around here why not a Koala? Just kidding. But seriously, kind of. We missed the National Championship game because the meeting was at the same time, thankfully, because I would have been livid if I were watching that game. I would need to be half a world away to escape the gloating of those Alabama fans. Oh wait. I am. War Eagle.
Hey, it could happen..

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