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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 23: Why does someone have to be naked to be perceived as artistic?

Hopefully the title of the blog revealed that we went to the Melbourne Art Centre and not something...weird. Moving on. The museum was actually pretty cool despite the gratuitous "natural" human form paintings and sculptures. The stained glass ceiling in one section of the museum was really neat and they encouraged people to lay down on the carpet and stare up to get the full effect.

Really long light ladder or optical illusion?

After the art museum, our professors decided to take us to St. Kilda Beach to watch the massive influx of sail boats and kite surfers littered throughout the bay. It was beautiful. But I didn't jump in the water today because the water was freezing and the wind was really strong. We had a chill night and watched a few movies that we rented down in the common room. Only one more day left in Melbourne! It's crazy how fast its gone by. I can't wait for New Zealand! War Eagle!

Try to ignore the man drying off

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